Rest Assured Family Services

It is our philosophy that each patient we serve is an individual with their own life experiences and expressions. That each one has attributed something good for mankind. Rest Assured Hospice believes in accentuating LIFE and each individuals positivity by incorporating what's most important to them here and now.

What is Hospice?

Hospice care is carefully designed to add quality of life to the patient and to the caregiver physically, emotionally and spiritually. Quality of life may mean feeling better, eating and sleeping better and it may mean being able to visit with family and friends and participate more fully in activities.

Hospice is a coordinated program of palliative and supportive services provided in both the home and inpatient setting that provides for physical, psychological, social, Spiritual and bereavement care for individuals faced with a life-limiting illness and their family.

Rest Assured Hospice is a medically directed team of professionals and volunteers. Our first step in providing you care is sending a compassionate and highly experienced Nurse to sit down with you and your family to discuss your individual needs and wants.

The success of Rest Assured was founded on the principles of involving our clients in planning their care, then catering to each individual's needs, no matter how small while providing superior care and compassion when caring for you or a loved one.

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